How To Install 'FloppyTron' Expansion pack?

How to install the Floppytron Expansion Pack :

 1. Copy & paste the 'Floppytron-Expansion-Pack-1.nki' file in your Floppytron root folder.
 2. Open this nki file in your Kontakt Player.
 3. Select or create a new tag for the presets to be added. 
 (in case you already have 24 tags - 'Create a new tag' option will not be shown)
 4. Click on the 'Update' button.
 5. Close this 'Floppytron-Expansion-Pack-1.nki'
 6. Remove the 'Floppytron-Expansion-Pack-1.nki' file from your folder.
 7. Reload the 'Floppytron'.nki file.

If you have any problems with adding the Presets' Pack, please, contact us 

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