How to Create a New key?

Go to "KEYS" panel. 

Make sure there is no keyswitch in pressed mode. Of course if there are not empty ones. Cause if some keyswitch is pressed when you create or modify other or even the same keyswitch, so all updated by pressed keyswitch effects will recorded in key you create/modify.

  • Make changes you want in any effects.
  • Go to "KEYS" panel.

Make sure that on the left of the panel "Changed Fx" appear. And all modified effects are below. If there is no title "Changed Fx", then all effects' params are same to the saved-in-preset values.

  • Chose any empty key by click.


Now this key is in pressed state. 

So if you does not need your changes still on, then press the key out.

Press out the Key to make sure, there are no "Changed Fx" at the left of the panel. 

Ok... All modified effects' parameters are recorded. So if, let say, you have changed just the "SPEED" param in side "A" of the STEP SEQUENSER, then the key will remember all of the STEP SEQUENSER's params values.

*Please, note:

Every keyswitch that is in pressed state will apply its params values to the new key in moment you create it.

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